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Life Get’s Busy

Life Get's Busy - Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, life just gets busy sometimes…or stays that way. With all of these competing priorities, cleaning your house may not be at the top of your “want” to-do list. Finding your way out of the clutter can at times be overwhelming. But don’t despair! With these few tips you should be able to get your house cleaning back to the top of your “want” to do list. But no promises.

The first thing you need to consider is what is your cleaning style? Do you like to deep clean or is your style more to clean in short, fast sprints. People who prefer to deep cleaning may want to make out a schedule to focus on certain areas for that thorough scrubbing. While those who like to sprint clean may like to have a schedule that breaks out a few, short chores daily.

The second suggestion is speed clean every day. I have started to do this in my own home and I have found that it makes such a big difference. How it works is very simple. Set your timer to the desired minutes you want. I find forty minutes works well for me. Start at one end of the house and just go. Avoid doing time consuming work like washing windows or organizing the pantry during these sessions. This time is just for working around the house as fast as you can “speed” cleaning. Knowing that a timer is going is really motivating. After the forty minutes is over, the house is so clean and then it is easier to move into deep cleaning.

My third tip is use a good check list. This is very helpful for the unorganized brain. After working for employers where we had to use check list to make ensure the completion of the essential tasks before leaving for the day, I felt like this was great to implement in my own home. Being able to check off things really helps me to not overlook an area. Plus, I can refer to these checklists to see how long it’s been since I’ve completed a particular cleaning task.

I hope these tips will help you as they’ve helped me. Once you can get started on a good cleaning routine the house will stay cleaner longer and, keeping it clean will always be faster. There will be less time cleaning and more time to do the things in life that are on your “want to do list.”