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12 Foolproof Ways to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

12 foolproof ways to make a small room appear larger hero image

Smaller homes are cozy and we’ve probably all lived in one at one point or another. In some countries less is more or at least considered the standard. Take the UK for example where the average new home size is just 818 square feet[1].

Whether you relish the chance to live efficiently or feel frustrated at the lack of space in in your current home, if you plan smart you’ll be amazed at how much larger a room can appear. Read below for some smart tips to negotiate more from that space between 4 walls:

  1. Remove clutter. Messes and general disorganization can appear to be more imposing when crammed into small spaces. As you look to par down on things lying around your house, ask if you’ve used this object in the last 90 days or if you’re likely to use it in the next 90 days. If the answer is no, than consider carefully if the object would be better served by passing it along to another. Another filter is to ask if you have multiples of anything. Instead of 4 kitchen appliances that only perform one function, keep one that offers several functions you most use.
  2. Make the most of storage…but don’t overdo it. A coffee table with built-in storage space or bookshelves are both examples of are efficient uses of space. Keep in mind though that while there’s a tendency to fill every available inch on shelves, a hodgepodge of books and objects can leave your space looking cluttered. Instead thoughtfully curate visible objects and make sure they’re adding value to your space. Check out these bookshelves for inspiration!
  3. Go for a light and neutral color palette. Dark colors don’t reflect light and make a space appear smaller. Also by avoiding too many patterns and colors, you’ll visually expand your space. Keep in mind that adjoining rooms painted the same color will also extend the space. If you’re the kind of person who loves color, my kind of people, stick to one color and decorate with varying shades of that color.
  4. Take advantage of natural light which opens up a space. Eliminating curtains altogether will permit the maximum passage of light. But if you love the look of curtains, keep them long and begin higher than the window to add vertical dimension to the room.
  5. Opt for furniture on raised legs that add a dimension of light and space. Flaunt those legs! Speaking of furniture, employ fold up furniture for pieces that are only used on occasion. Keeping excess furniture in storage elsewhere can streamline a room. Tables with removable leaves are a great way to free up space.
  6. Mirror mirror on the wall. Add inexpensive mirrors to seemingly double the size of a space.
  7. Bold pieces of art can make a small room appear more dramatic and larger at the same time.
  8. Instead of one overhead light which draws attention to just that spot, opt for instead a few smaller lamps.
  9. Look up! By painting a ceiling in a bright color, your eye will be drawn upward and give the appearance of higher ceilings. Check out this gorgeous ceiling treatment for inspiration!
  10. Remember the Cantaloupe Rule. Any objects smaller than a cantaloupe only crowd a space. Instead go for a smaller number of large pieces.
  11. A striped rug do wonders for making a room appear longer. Position the rug with the length of the room for optimum effect.
  12. Glass and lucite furniture is very in vogue at the moment and are basically invisible. Check out this ultra modern console table for example.

By just employing a few of the suggestions above you’ll notice a difference right away. Once you’ve cut down on clutter, give Lonestar Hauling Services a call to have any of your excess items hauled away. We’d love to hear what other suggestions you have for opening a small space. Feel free to leave comments below.