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Protecting Your Home from Spring Time Bugs

Protecting Your Home from Spring Bugs

Spring with all its pleasures is upon us. With it come fragrant blooms, sunshine, near perfect temperatures…and unfortunately the return of pesky bugs. Especially if you live near a green belt or in area with a lot of trees, the bugs may literally be coming out of the woodworks. However, those critters don’t have to reign supreme. Here are a few simple tricks that can help keep your home bug-free this year.

  1. If you have a brick home, you’ll notice that every few feet there are some holes left in the mortar between the bottom rows of bricks. These gaps are called weep holes and were intentionally left there to help let your house breath as the temperature rises and falls. Unfortunately, they can also create the perfect entry way for insects such as spiders and roaches to enter your walls. Now, there are two ways to prevent that from happening. The first is to always spray your favorite pesticides to create a repellent against the bugs which then acts as an invisible barrier.  This works well but may not stop all insects. My second recommendation is to either fill or stuff the weep holes with a copper mesh to make a permanent safe guard against the larger bugs. Any type of mesh will do the job but I prefer copper because, unlike other metals, it doesn’t leave rust marks behind.
  2. Keep a look out for flying insects like wasps that like to nest up in your eaves. We’ve all had experience of seeing a wasp’s nest, knocking it down only to come back a week later to find another nest being built in its place. This is because wasps leave a pheromone scent where they build their nests much like ants. The best way to prevent this from happening is to spray the bottom of an old broom with a pesticide that actually removes or blocks that pheromone. With this trick those same wasps won’t be building a nest right outside your door way again.
  3. Now for the bugs that wreck the greatest havoc—termites. The average cost to repair a home from termite damage is $3,000[i]! However, there are a few precautions you can take as a homeowner to prevent you from ever having to worry about termites making your home theirs. The first is to make sure that any and all flower beds around the house are at least 6 inches below the point where the brick and foundation meet. If not, you’re giving the termites a perfect window to enter into your home and begin eating away at the frame. The next step is to make sure that you don’t have any shrubs or greenery right up against your home. If the termites can climb up a base of a shrub and then onto ledge and then inside your home, there is good chance they will. And of course, it’s always smart to have a licensed exterminator to check your house at least once a year. They know exactly where to look for termites and they can make recommendations on how to best get rid of them.

While most of these steps are easy enough for a homeowner to handle on their own, for the most thorough protection against those damaging critters, you’ll want to involve an exterminating professional. Especially for time consuming precautions that should be implemented on a monthly basis. Hiring a professional is often cheaper than most people think. For example,  most people will spend anywhere from $15 to $30+ monthly on over-the-counter products and then will spend their precious free time knocking down wasp nests and battling the fire ants. It will roughly cost the same for a good service, not to mention all the time you save to be spent on things you enjoy. And if they’re a good company, they will most likely offer free re-services in the event you find bugs in between their quarterly treatments. A great local company I recommend is Kindred Pest Control. Besides competitive pricing, they provide more additional services than most anyone else. Give them a call for a free estimate. They can be reached at either (979)436-8023 or by visiting their website, Now enjoy those warmer temperatures in your bug-free yard!