Spring Cleaning Tips: 4 Easy Tips for a Cleaner, More Organized Home

Spring Cleaning Tips: 4 Easy Tips for a Cleaner, More Organized Home

With snow still blowing in parts of the country it may seem premature to already be discussing spring cleaning. However, it’s never too early to make a plan of action that will leave your home cleaner than perhaps ever before.

While it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start with spring cleaning, it only takes a little pre-planning to make it a mostly pain free and easy process. Follow these suggestions below to see how easy it can be.

  1. Break out the different areas you’ll be cleaning into small quick jobs that can be done in minutes. As the old saying goes, “Wheneating an elephant take one bite at a time.” Let yourself enjoy the small victories in a large battle. Get creative with this step. Are you a list maker? Start with written lists to help you stay on track and scratch off your successes as you go. If you prefer to follow someone else’s list, you can download a number of spring cleaning checklists from the web such as these from organizedhome.com.
    Look at all the rooms in the house and decide which ones you believe are the most important ones to take on. You may want to break it down even further in each room. Start with a closest or a chest of drawers for example. So much of the battle is just getting started and staying on track as you go.
  1. Gather those cleaning supplies. Before rolling up your sleeves you’ll want to have everything within an easy reach to avoid interruptions. You can never have too many rags because they’re perfect for scrubbing, dusting, shining, or even my go to, wiping your face as you go. Another thing to consider when purchasing cleaning supplies is the smell of the products you’re using because they will linger.
  1. Schedule things out. You want to make sure you can finish what you start but for longer projects you might need breaks as you go. As you clean, stay focused on the task at hand. It’s easy to get distracted or find that you’ve forgotten or misplaced something. The organized home of your future after some spring cleaning will make it easier to avoid the last one.
  1. Throw away any unwanted items or donate them to charity. This can be the hardest step for some. I have a hard and fast rule, “If I have not used it in more years then I’ve been married or I can’t remember its purpose, out it goes.” Of course your own rule will have a personal spin on it. Remember that those really valuable items that you’ve been storing may only become truly valuable after you’re gone.

These are only the very basic items to consider but hopefully they’re helpful as you tackle your spring cleaning this year. Remember to call Lone Star Hauling Services when you’ve gathered any unwanted items from your home and are ready to free up space.

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