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A Pro Shares Her Secrets to Cleaning and Maintaining Hard Flooring

Here at Lone Star Hauling Services we care about all maintenance aspects of your home and business. While we specialize in property clean ups and junk hauling here in Bryan, College Station, we know that a lot goes into making your space one you love. Enjoy this week’s post on cleaning and maintaining wood and laminate flooring.

Hi everyone! This is Kirsten Smith, blogger for Lone Star Hauling Services. I’m excited to share some tips for one area of your home for which I feel particularly knowledgeable and I believe not everyone may already know.

One summer during college I worked for a professional cleaning company. We mainly focused on commercial cleaning (specifically new homes) and the occasional private home. Since the company was relatively small, the owner, Cynthia, taught me all her tips, tricks and secrets. One aspect she was really particular about was how the flooring was cleaned. When it comes to cleaning your hard flooring (anything that’s not carpet), it seems like it would be a “no brainer” for me. Just your mop, cleaner and a bucket of water, right? Oh, how quickly Cynthia put me in my place, and taught me not only the importance of cleaning a floor, but cleaning it correctly.

I remember the first job I had with her like it was yesterday. She kept asking me different questions in order to see how much I personally knew about cleaning. Anytime I gave an incorrect answer she would answer me in an encouraging way why that wasn’t the best approach, and what I should do instead. As I mentioned before, Cynthia was particular on how the last and final step of cleaning was done…the flooring. I use to think that mopping was relatively the easiest part of cleaning. While I wasn’t necessarily wrong, that thought wasn’t completely true either.

There is a MAJOR difference between mopping hard wood floors and laminate flooring. I’ll start with the easier of the two, to explain the how” and “why” you do specific techniques. With laminate floors you can mop however you like. Meaning that there is no specific direction you need to mop in, and you don’t have to be conscientious of the amount of water you use on the flooring either. This is where I got the idea of “just a mop, cleaner and a bucket of water” concept. Because laminate flooring is a clear plastic like flooring, you can’t warp it from mopping. Another bonus is that the cleaner doesn’t have to be a certain brand, but I personally use Fabuloso cleaner. It works great for my floors and their needs. Wood flooring on the other hand is a completely different story.

When it comes to wood flooring, there are many things to keep in mind to preserve and augment the flooring’s life. When it comes to mopping, you’ll want to use the least amount of water possible. Too much water and you’ll warp the wood and eventually ruin your flooring. You want your mop to be slightly damp, not soaking, and you’ll want to mop in a sweeping motion (back and forth), WITH the direction of your wood.

Going with the direction of the wood will help ensure a streak free finish. Usually on wood flooring, we would just use a damp mop, with no cleaner in it. Cynthia swore by Murphy’s Oil Soap for wood floors. Murphy’s gives a smooth polished finished look, and leaves floors looking brand new.

Well there you have my tips for beautiful hard flooring. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tricks for keeping your floors immaculate.